Update January, 2013: Wyndham Hotel has withdrawn from the project and the golf course has not been built.

This property has not been developed over the years and requires further investigation should you wish to proceed.

Finding real estate in Nicaragua can be a most challenging and exciting adventure. However, a new property development called the Seaside Mariana in Nicaragua is offering people the chance to own condominiums or beachfront properties in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Condos located on or near the beach, strategically placed give a wonderful view of the coastline. If you are looking a beach front property in a community that includes a golf course and a marina, you would definitely want to consider consider taking a look at Seaside Mariana.


Seaside Mariana Oceanfront Community is located on Nicaragua’s coastline, south of Pochomil and Montelimar, north of San Juan del Sur and about an hour’s drive from Managua.  It sits on some of the most beautiful coastline available in Nicaragua.  It is a gated community with consisting of small villages of  homes, condominiums and bungalows spread over 923 acres of land.

The time to buy property in Nicaragua is now, of course, before the prices catch up to other Central American destinations such as Costa Rica and Panama.  Nicaragua’s government has proven to be stable, tourism is rapidly on the rise and over the next five years, Nicaragua’s economy is predicted to grow the most in all of Central America.  Beyond this news, this country is incredibly beautiful, the temperatures are hot and sunny and Nicaragua’s government has made it even easier to both invest and retire in Nicaragua.

Wyndham Hotels and Resorts has chosen to build a huge resort (330 rooms) and casino at Seaside Mariana and construction begins on Laya Boutique Hotel and bungalows soon.  For golfers, there is a Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course in the community.  Another delight to find is the here the 25-slip recreational marina to begin construction at the end of 2012.  The marina will be another advantage if you have a boat.  The marina is the one thing that distinguishes this community development from the others.  Other amenities in the Seaside Mariana community include a spa, an equestrian center, a hospital, tennis, a museum and a business park.  For those who love walking and hiking, there’s the mile long  shoreline of the beach and hiking trails.

Seaside Mariana is currently listing beachfront properties for sale from $39,000 to $118,400 and offers 50% financing over a 15 year term.  These properties are going at extremely low prices compared to other beachfront homes. Investing in real estate in Nicaragua can be a very good decision to make but you will have to make this decision now.  The views on the beach may cost you a million dollars in California, but the view here at the Seaside Mariana comes at a fraction of the cost and you won’t want to miss out on:  this price, the Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course, the marina, the diversity of housing available and the beach location make it a good investment in Nicaragua.


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